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National credit regulator

Cash balance is registered as credit provide with National Credit Regulator (NCR). The repayments on our Payday loans are in line with NCR guidelines. Please refer to the example below:

Cap Amount

Initiation fee

Service fee



Total Rep

R 500.00

R 75.00

R 85.00

R 26.00

R 24.00

R 710.00

R 1000.00

R 150.00

R 85.00

R 50.00

R 32.00

R 1370.00

R 2000.00

R  250.00

R 85.00

R 95.00

R 50.00

R  2480.00

Note: the above table is only an example and it should only be viewed as such. Contact us for comprehensive quotation.

Late payments

In an event that we are unable to collect money from your salary account as stipulated on your loan agreement, we will contact you to let you know about the failed collection, and discuss with you how to make a payment. The late payment charges will apply from the date that we were unable to collect. It is the client s responsibility to make sure there are sufficient funds to cover cash balance debit order in their account.

Non payment

Continues Non-payment of loan will result in additional charges being debited to your loan account. After 60 days of non-payment, your account will be handed over to external debt collecting attorneys. The attorneys may add further charges to your account. And your credit rating will also be negatively affected.

Loan Renewal

Clients may renew their loans for as long as they require the funds. The loan renew may be done after every successful collections. There is no waiting period.

Credit Limit Increases

We review credit limits every time the clients make a request upon renewing their loans.