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Cash Balance Investors


Invest In Loan Units Now!

Our investors earn serious returns on their investments. The investment can start with as little as R100.00. The concept of loan units was born out of crowd funding investment strategy. We simplified the concept and made it more suitable for our investors and our company.


Essentially Loan units are pieces of a capital loan amount being requested by the client, Just like a company will require a share capital to fund the business operations and distribute profits as dividends to reward the investors for their capital, or the bank will request clients to make fixed deposits so that they can be able to fund loan requests from clients.

AT Cash balance we simplified and improved the same concept in order to pay maximum returns to the Investors at the same time without exposing the company to unacceptable risk level. We achieved this through crowdfunding or what can also be called a stokvel approach. E.g. Client A makes an online application to cash Balance for a payday loan of R1000.00 after cash balance contacts all necessary checks the loan gets approved, the repayable amount on the loan is R1300.00. Then Cash Balance approaches 10 investors to contribute R100.00 each to make up the R1000.00 and pays it over to the client. Month-end, Client A pays R1300.0, Cash Balance distributes to the 10 investors R120.00 and keeps R100.00 for administration purposes.


Judging from the example above the investors have managed to get a return of 20% in 30 days which is very, very high when compared to other investments on the same class, such as bank fixed deposit, Listed shares and so on. However, the example is based on perfect business conditions.

The single biggest risk in Cash Loan Business is clients defaulting on their Payments. This investment strategy was customised specifically to count such a risk. E.g. Cash Balance receives 10 applications from 10 clients, all of them request R1000.00 payday loans and are all approved. Cash Balance approaches 10 investors they all lend each client R100.00 and in total each investor utilises R1000.00. Month-end 9 Clients pays, one defaults each invest receives R120.00 from 9 clients which make R1080.00. Even though there was one Client defaulting all investors still made a return of 8% in 30 days.

If we were to take a very moderate return of 8% a month and multiply by 12 months that will be 96 %, Almost double initial investment. This is really the power of unity amongst people.

It is also important to note two things the last example has ignored, the power of compounding interest and the fact in cash Loan Business Clients defaults does not necessarily mean money is lost is simply means there is delayed collection.